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Inclusive Play Spaces

Building a more inclusive Canada.

As part of our commitment to helping kids of all abilities access sport and play, we are working with municipalities across the country to build inclusive play spaces. To date we have built 24 Jumpstart Inclusive Playgrounds and supported the development of an additional 19 inclusive play spaces across the county.


Jumpstart Inclusive Playgrounds

An aerial photo of the Jumpstart Inclusive Playground in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Jumpstart Inclusive Playgrounds have been designed from the ground-up to be universally accessible, ensuring all kids can take part in the magic of play. From double-wide ramps to static-free slides, these incredible play spaces are thoughtfully designed to ensure there is something there for everyone.

We are committed to building at least one Jumpstart Inclusive Playground in every province and territory. Check out the inclusive play space map at the bottom of this page to find one near you.

Playground Features

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Jumpstart Inclusive Multi Sport Courts

An aerial photo of the Jumpstart Inclusive Multi Sport Court in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Building upon our experience with our playgrounds, we have worked with industry leaders to develop accessible play spaces, providing ample opportunity for kids of all abilities to participate in both organized sport and casual play.

Each Multi Sport Court is unique, designed to meet the needs of the community it serves. You can use the inclusive play space map at the bottom of the page to find a Jumpstart Inclusive Multi Sport Court near you!

Multi Sport Court Features

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Inclusive Baseball Fields

An aerial photo of the Miracle League Baseball Field in Windsor, Ontario.

Any player can get in the game on these inclusive baseball fields. It’s 100,000 square feet of play space features a rubberized surfacing and high-contrast colours. The dugouts have the same rubber surfacing and are deeper than standard to allow for easy access for those using mobility devices. Further enhancing the field’s accessibility, seating areas and restrooms are accessible, pathways are clear and even, and there are rest and quiet areas for those who need to take a break from the action.

There are currently two Inclusive Baseball Fields, one in Whitby, ON and the other in Windsor, ON.

Para Hockey Ice Rinks

An aerial rendering of a Para Hockey Ice Rink.

Para Hockey Ice Rinks are designed to ensure ease of access and a seamless experience for players of all abilities. By placing the ice, bench, and change areas at the same grade, individuals using mobility devices are able to move through the facility with ease. Benches and the penalty box are deeper than standard and surfaced with ice to accommodate sledge access, and by replacing the traditional rink boards with plexi-glass, players are able to engage with their peers on the ice without any barriers. The space can accommodate additional equipment and lines to allow for other uses outside of the winter months.

There is currently one Para Hockey Ice Rink, located in Winnipeg, MB.

Inclusive Play Space Map

Use the map below to find an inclusive play space near you!