Community Development Grants

Stronger Communities. 

Stronger Canada.

In September 2020, Jumpstart launched its Sport Relief Fund and was able to invest $8 million to support over 660 community sport organizations across Canada. To help mitigate the pandemic’s ongoing impact on recreational sport and ensure kids have access to play, Canadian Tire corporation announced that it is providing an incremental $12 million to Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. 

As a result we are proud to announce that we will be accepting applications for the Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund for the remainder of 2021.

Organizations looking to apply for a Community Development Grant can visit our Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund page to apply for a Programming Grant.

What We Cover

Community Development Grants can help offset the following costs:

1.  Registration  
(coaching fees, facilities rentals, etc.)

2. Equipment  
(applicable to sports)

3. Transportation  
(bus fees to and from a program.)


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