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Lady Ballers Camp

En vedette du Fonds d’aide au sport

Le 4 décembre 2020

Lady Ballers Camp (LBC) est un organisme sans but lucratif établi dans la région du Grand Toronto. Il élabore des programmes à l’intention des filles pour soutenir le développement physique, affectif et éducatif dans un contexte non compétitif.

In its eight years of operation, LBC has served over 2,000 young women and girls, offering free, accessible sport and recreation opportunities to girls from racialized and marginalized communities. Their interactive and dynamic approach fosters strong social skills, self-confidence, healthy and realistic body image, and dynamic learning.

Lady Ballers Camp plans to use their Sport Relief Fund grant to offset increasing operational costs brought on by COVID-19 so they can provide continued access to safe play for girls.