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Girls Addicted to Basketball

En vedette du Fonds d’aide au sport

Le 11 juin 2021

Today in our ongoing Sport Relief Fund Showcase, we’re highlighting Girls Addicted to Basketball (GAB).

The mission of this Toronto-based not-for-profit is to educate, empower, and build confidence in female youth through the game of basketball. 🏀⛹🏽‍♀‍❤‍

GAB leads and promotes the importance of post-secondary education with an emphasis on pursuing a career. They also provide mentorship and leadership opportunities for female youth to explore and offer various life skills sessions in order for youth to be successful on and off the basketball court.

Funding from Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund will enable GAB to offer a modified version of their GOAT (Go Outside And Train) program for free, with the goal of re-engaging girls after being isolated and away from sport throughout the pandemic.

Thank you, GAB, for empowering and educating girls to live healthy lifestyles through basketball!