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La Cape Breton Blizzards Female Hockey Association change les règles du jeu

Par : Équipe de Bon Départ

24 novembre 2023

« Bon départ nous a permis de dire oui, said Christina Lamey, the President and Founder of the Cape Breton Blizzard Female Hockey Association. “Jumpstart was with us from the very beginning, and having some funding early on let us say yes to things that that we would have otherwise had to say no to. Just kept those doors open and let people join.” 

Lamey founded the Cape Breton Blizzard in 2018 because she wanted to provide plus d’occasions pour les femmes et les filles de jouer au hockey au sein de la communauté, after noticing it was far more accessible in other parts of Canada. “If we can do it here, it can be done anywhere.” Like many Canadian women from her generation, Lamey did not have access to hockey growing up – she played for one year before stopping because there were no teams for girls that she could play on. She wants things to be different for her daughter’s generation. 

Today, the Cape Breton Blizzard is compte 18 équipes et plus de 300 participantes, having doubled in size in the past two years alone. She wants to ensure that any girl in the community who wants to participate in hockey, can find a team and a home with the Blizzard - whether that be through playing, coaching, or mentorship opportunities. 

The last few years brought many challenges for the association, but Lamey has credited Jumpstart for providing the support necessary to allow the association to grow and offer additional opportunities for its players and members. “I can’t tell you how big of a deal it was to have Jumpstart there from the start,” said Lamey.