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Par : Équipe de Bon Départ

25 mars 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic stripped away access to sport and recreation far beyond what anyone could have imagined. In 2020 alone, we calculated that Canadian kids lost over 277 million hours of sport participation. Now, as we gradually recover and begin to return to sport, we’ve partnered with Ipsos and our Canadian academic advisory panel to assess the continued impact of COVID on community sports and understand how we must respond. 

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Conclusions clés :

Significant Barriers to Sport Remain for Canadian Youth 

As the pandemic leaves recreational sport organizations to rebuild their budgets, inequity in access to sport grows for families across Canada. Parents are reporting fewer and more expensive opportunities for kids to participate in sports while 75% of sport organizations say the costs of running sport programs has spiked. 

Concerns Mount Over the Impact on Children and Organizations 

Half of parents who say their child’s participation in sports has been impacted by the pandemic also express concern about their kids’ deteriorating mental health, while vast interruptions to programming have left 82% of sport organizations concerned about their ability to run programs in 2022. 

Community Sport Faces an Uncertain Future 

In the wake of COVID, our return to sport is not straightforward. Organizations are worried about their ability to rebuild, access the support they need – and ultimately, survive. 52% of sport organizations believe it will take until at least 2024 to reach their pre-COVID state. 

Nous pouvons reprendre du mieux, ensemble

At Jumpstart, we are committed to helping organized sport return to pre-COVID levels while remaining laser-focused on creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for Canada’s youth. To this end, in 2022 we have committed to funding community programs, supporting inclusive play, and championing girls in sport — but we can’t do it alone. Our kids need stakeholders at all levels to work in tandem with organizations like Jumpstart and urgently invest in community sport across Canada. 

Where We Go From Here 

Start by exploring the full Jumpstart State of Sport Report en cliquant ici. In the report, we dive deep into the profound need and outline clear calls to action for stakeholders at all levels. We’re confident that, together, we can break down barriers to sport and play — nos enfants en ont besoin et le méritent.

The 2022 Jumpstart State of Sport Report is the second report we have produced in partnership with Ipsos and experts in the field. In 2021, we released the first edition of the State of Sport Report which revealed a community sports ecosystem in crisis and the profound impact the pandemic was having on kids across the country. The 2021 report is available en cliquant ici