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Lacrosse Nova Scotia

Sport Relief Fund Spotlight

May 27, 2021

Our Sport Relief Fund Showcase continues with Lacrosse Nova Scotia Society (LNSS) — a non-profit organization that is the recognized lacrosse authority in Nova Scotia. They are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and fun-filled playing environment.

LNSS believes in inclusion through access. They are working to ensure all Nova Scotians have the opportunity to play lacrosse by implementing programs across the province. The organization primarily serves youth; however, they offer programming for all ages. They focus their outreach on underserved populations; this includes the Indigenous community, from which the sport originated.

Funding from Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund will allow LNSS to connect with more underserved communities and continue to grow the sport in Nova Scotia.

Thank you, Lacrosse Nova Scotia, for everything you do to help reduce the barriers to sport and play for kids and youth in Nova Scotia. 🥍