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The Playbook for Creating Inclusive Playgrounds

By: Jumpstart Staff

March 21, 2023

Jumpstart is thrilled to have supported the important work of several leading researchers in Inclusive Play to build a blueprint for how to create inclusive playgrounds. While there has been a shift toward creating accessible and inclusive playgrounds in recent years, many playgrounds remain inaccessible and cause some children to experience exclusions from play.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Timothy Ross Quote:  

“Through our research, our team found that there were several accessible playground design resources around the world, but many were short and small in scope. We thought that if we’re really going to build more inclusive playgrounds across Canada and beyond, communities need a comprehensive go-to resource to understand what must be considered and what strategies can be used. The playbook is this resource. It’s important to note that the playbook’s scope extends beyond the design of the playground itself and includes guidance on other important topics, such as community engagement, playground-related communications, playground programming, the accessible design of playgrounds’ surrounding environments, and even playground service and maintenance. This resource offers a multitude of considerations, strategies, and ideas that will help communities to create better playgrounds that offer inclusive play opportunities to all.” 

At Jumpstart, we believe that helping children of all abilities overcome barriers to play for should be top of mind when considering the development of a new or existing play space. That is why we have supported the development of “Creating Inclusive Playgrounds: A Playbook of Considerations and Strategies.” Created by experts from the Bloorview Research Institute, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and Kanics Inclusive Design, LLC, this playbook provides a comprehensive blueprint for community leaders and advocates to use in the development of inclusive play spaces.

To access the playbook, click here. To learn more about Jumpstart’s commitment to Inclusive Play, check out our Inclusive Play page.