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Kids Need Sports. This Jumpstart Month, We Need You. 

By: Jumpstart Staff

June 1, 2023

June is Jumpstart Month, the time of year when our community comes together to support kids and remove barriers to sport and play. Over the next four weeks, we will be working with a wide variety of fundraisers to help kids from coast to coast get into sport and play.

Your support matters! It matters to the more than 780 organizations that received Jumpstart funding in 2022; and it matters to the 440,000 kids we helped last year. 

The Impact on Kids

A photo of the Sway Fun Glider at the Jumpstart Inclusive Playground in Toronto, ON.

The Impact on Organizations

“We are an Edmonton-built charity that provides vulnerable and marginalized youth a safe place to play every day after school. We use sport as the pull to get kids in the door and then we surround them with social, emotional, and mental health support to ensure they have a place to belong and grow.

Jumpstart has been our largest partner for over 10 years. They have supported us more than any order of government, granting agency, or private investor.

I say concretely, every day we’ve been open in these three years, we saved a life. That sounds like a line. I assure you it is not. I saw it and continue to see it. It would not be possible without Jumpstart.”

– Tim Adams, Founder and Executive Director of Free Play for Kids

How You Can Help

Together, we can help more kids like Nicole, Elijah, Andrew, Julianna, and the hundreds of others served through Jumpstart partner organizations.

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