Para Sport Jumpstart Fund Guidelines

Eligible Organizations

To be eligible for the Para Sport Jumpstart Fund, applicants must be qualified donees as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Eligible Sports and Physical Activity Programs

The Para Sport Jumpstart Fund support organized integrated or adaptive sport and physical activity programs for children and youth with disabilities. Every program will look different based on the organization running it and the participants involved. Applicants will be asked to indicate the types of sport and physical activity included in their program. Examples include:

Paralympic Sports

Paralympic sport programming includes sports that are currently on the Paralympic Games programs. For a complete list of Paralympic sports, click here.


Multi-sport programs consist of more than one sport or activity. These types of programs are important at the entry level stages, as they let children and youth with varying abilities interact and gain exposure to different experiences.

Para sports

Para sport programs can encompass integrative or adaptive sport for persons with disabilities. The prefix "para" comes from the word "parallel," which in this case means parallel to non-adaptive sports.

Organized Physical Activities

Organized physical activity programs give kids an opportunity to move their bodies; however, programs should have a clear structure, like water aerobics, group walking or wheeling, or a physical literacy program.

Participant Stages

Applicants will be asked to indicate which development stage(s) their program falls under, as per the Sport for Life Long-Term Development for Sport and Physical Activity Framework. (Note: programs can include multiple stages.)

Awareness, First Involvement, and Recruitment

Awareness and First Involvement and recruitment programs focus on building awareness of sports-related opportunities and providing positive first experiences with sport. Research has shown that having access to ongoing opportunities and positive experiences is critical to keeping kids enrolled in sports.

Participation-based programs focus on emphasizing sport for fun and fitness. They strive to provide quality ongoing experiences so that everyone can access sport and recreation, whether at the entry level or Active for Life stage.


Development programs focus on the transition from recreational or grassroots participation to higher levels of competition and performance—comparable to the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages.

Program Types

Para Sport Jumpstart funding covers two categories of programming. Applicants will be asked to indicate which category their program qualifies under.

New/Emerging Programs

These are new Para sport programs in the conceptual stages or emerging programs within their first three years of operation. This type of funding helps organizations pilot new programs and explore the feasibility of continuing them.

Established Programs

These are existing Para sport programs that have operated successfully for four or more years. This type of funding helps expand, adapt, replicate, or improve established programming, building on a program's evidence-based success.

Grant and Program Timelines

Organizations looking to apply for Para Sport Jumpstart Funding  can visit our Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund page to apply for a Programming Grant.

Disbursement of Funds

Approved Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund applications will be disbursed in a single installment, triggered upon application approval.   

The Para Sport Jumpstart Fund application is currently closed. 

Organizations looking to apply for Para Sport Jumpstart Funding  can visit our Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund page to apply for a Programming Grant.