Inclusive play project

Jumpstart's vision is to create a Canada where all kids have access to play

Inclusive Play Project

Jumpstart Playgrounds:
Jumpstart’s vision is to create large-scale, inclusive playgrounds in every province and territory across Canada. Leveraging universal design principals, Jumpstart’s goal is to ensure that these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and inclusive spaces where children of all abilities can share in the magic of play.

Jumpstart Accessibility Grants: support capital costs of construction and renovation related to improving physical accessibility to, and inclusivity in recreation facilities across Canada 

Para Sport Jumpstart Fund: a partnership between Jumpstart and the Canadian Paralympic Committee. Together we help kids with disabilities participate in a variety of exciting Para sport activities, by assisting with the cost of participation.

Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project supports selected organizations with the costs associated with infrastructure and programming as they relate to providing inclusive play opportunities for kids with disabilities.


Let's give every kid a chance to play.