A playground for All

Lily Rich is an active 13-year old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. An honour roll student, she is involved in her school musical, and is a member of the debate team. Lily was born with Cerebral Palsy and competes with Para Storm, the local Para-swimming team run by the Manitoba Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (MCPSA).

Historically, securing an accessible dry land training venue wasn’t easy for the Para Storm. That all changed following the completion of the Jumpstart Playground in Winnipeg’s Grant Park. The MCPSA held a team dry land training session at the playground in October and were amazed.

Gavin Rich, Lily’s father and President of the MCPSA, can attest to this:

“The Jumpstart Playground is unlike anything I have ever seen,” said Gavin. “Never have our athletes had access to a playground they could actually participate in! It was the first time many have been on a swing and could access the entire structure on their own. This shows the community what inclusion really means. One playground for all, period.”

According to Gavin, the playground’s true value is in how it can be enjoyed by everyone, including his daughter. Lily can now play side-by-side with her friends.

The 10,000 square foot, universally accessible Jumpstart Playground in Winnipeg’s Grant Park has already set a new standard for inclusive play through its imaginative and accessible spaces where children A Playground for All of all abilities can enjoy sport and play together.

Jumpstart took a considerable step towards creating a more inclusive Canada in 2018. We extended our mandate and addressed new barriers through Play Finds A Way, Canadian Tire Corporation’s five-year, $50 million fundraising commitment to help give Canadian kids of all abilities access to sport and play.In addition to the playground in Winnipeg, Jumpstart Playgrounds were built in Charlottetown, Toronto, Prince Albert, and Calgary. With our countless supporters, we are helping more kids across the country enjoy independent play.