Bolton Camp Revitalization Project​

Grant Received: $1 Million

​Project: Development of a fully accessible, all-season recreation complex at Bolton Camp in Caledon, benefitting thousands of local children who face physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. Jumpstart is supporting the transformation of the recreational hall and outdoor swimming pool, creating a barrier-free, inclusive recreation hub. This new hub will eliminate barriers to participation and create increased capacity for inclusive sports, health, and wellness activities for children of all abilities.

Expected Completion: Fall 2022

Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre

Grant Received: $1 Million

​Project: Redevelopment of the Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre into a barrier-free, inclusive recreation facility. Jumpstart is supporting the installation of several inclusive features, including: barrier-free entrances to pools, fully accessible change rooms, interior finishes designed to accommodate visual limitations or aural sensitives, and adaptive fitness equipment.The new, universally accessible facility will allow the City of Victoria to offer new adapted and integrated sport and recreations activities for children, youth, adults and seniors with disabilities.

Expected Completion: To Be Confirmed

Grandview Children’s Foundation

Grant Received: $1 Million

Project: Construction of a 1,500 square foot multi-purpose gym, outdoor sensory trail and wheeling bridge at the new 100,000 square foot Grandview Children’s Centre facility in Ajax, ON. These new spaces will allow for the expansion of recreational and therapeutic programming and create nature-based sensory experiences for children of all abilities.

Expected Completion: Fall 2022

Kindersley Aquatic Centre

Grant Received: $115 000

​Project: Installation of two state-of-the-art PoolPod Lift systems at the Kindersley Aquatic Centre, facilitating independent, barrier-free access for those requiring assistance entering or exiting a pool. The Kindersley Aquatic Centre, with inclusive features such as PoolPod Lifts, will be the first regional aquatic facility to offer adapted and inclusive swimming programs for children and adults for all abilities. The upgrades increase the capacity of instructors and program leaders by offering comprehensive accessibility training.

Expected Completion: January 2020

Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre

Grant Received: $50,000

​Project: Installation of a PoolPod Lift system, enhancing the accessibility of Peterborough’s only municipally-operated aquatic centre. The PoolPod Lift system provides an opportunity for children with disabilities to participate more freely in family and public swim programs. Additionally, the PoolPod will facilitate more accessible programs and promote inclusive aquatics across the region.

Expected Completion: January 2019

Challenger Baseball Diamond

Grant Received: $300 000

Project: Construction of an accessible, Challenger baseball diamond with rubberized surfacing in Whitby’s Willow Park. Accessible features include wide accessible entry to dugouts and new benches with cover shades. The rubberized surface infield will provide players with mobility challenges and/or assistive devices greater access to play, while creating an inclusive, baseball facility for children of all abilities.

Expected Completion: Summer 2019

Field of Dreams Baseball Field

Grant Received: $50,000

​Project: Accessibility improvements at the newly constructed Field of Dreams baseball field in Black Diamond, AB. Upgrades include the construction of accessible washroom facilities and accessible spectator seating. By enhancing the accessibility of the facility, children of all abilities will be able to enjoy playing the game of baseball together.

Expected Completion: July 2019

Mohawk Sports Park Track and Field

Grant Received: $41,239

Project: Accessibility improvements of the Mohawk Sports Park, outdoor track and field facility. Upgrades include the construction of accessible pathways throughout the facility, improved track access, and construction of accessible washrooms, spectator seating and parking spaces. These improvements will increase access for spectators and facilitate para athletics and inclusive sport programs.

Expected Completion: May 2019

Paul Reynolds Community Centre

Grant Received: $3,890

​Project: Installation of a push button accessibility feature at the City of St. John’s new, accessible aquatic centre. The addition of push button access in the change rooms facilitates greater access for individuals, and therapeutic and inclusive recreation programs.

Expected Completion: December 2018


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